KingsPaper aluminium paper: to dazzle, mesmerize and appeal

From light and lacy through to solid and precious: KingsPaper is our high quality aluminium foil with a glossy or matt surface. Silk paper, glassine, kraft paper, label paper, or photo paper weighing from 20 to 170 g/m² can be laminated with aluminium foil. A choice of colours are available from the KingsColours range and we are happy to provide any special-request colours. You can select from plain versions or entice with over 50 different embossed versions. KingsPaper is definitely the first choice to effectively present your product.


You will be amazed at the range of uses for this versatile all rounder, which can be used with practically any printing process required. KingsPaper is being used for bags, leaflets, books, labels, calendars, paperboard, chocolate wrappers, sachets, Christmas crackers, fire crackers and much more. We will be happy to send you a sample catalogue.


See for yourself the range of KingsColours: