Wickels Flock: captivates your senses, engages your heart

People's actions are 90 percent a consequence of feelings and emotions. Impressions are subconsciously registered and processed. This primordial sensual perception has been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years. To create good feelings, or "beauty", is a task for Wickels. Colours, motifs and artistic decoration appeal to the emotions. They are the trigger for anticipating a pleasurable event.


Wickels Flock then adds a moment of surprise by effectively combining two surface textures with contrasting properties of reflection, appearance and feel: a velvety-soft material is partially coated to a reflective metallic paper resulting in a visual and tactile contrast to the glossy base. The flocked material contains tiny metallic particles resulting in the mirror-textile surface emitting interesting colourful reflections that vary according to the light conditions.

A few examples of an impressive combination of fabric and sheen: