Wickels Creative fabric paperboard: the perfect symbiosis for a wide range of uses

Whatever is required from this combination of two different materials, fabric paperboard is used when the onlooker is to be spellbound through appearance and touch. As a painter's canvas, fabric paperboard is an enduring basis for creativity.


We are offering the exclusive "Morino" and "Avantgarde" quality fabric products in 3 types of surface structure in 120 g paper through to ca. 300g paperboard. These are available in more than 100 colours and can be imprinted using conventional offset, UV-offset and silkscreen methods. They can also be embossed, grooved, stamped and glued.


The variety of surfaces provide artists and designers at printing firms with many options. There are therefore no limits to the scope of creativity. Look at what Wickels can offer or contact us for special requirements. There are practically no limits to what our technicians can achieve concerning surface structures and embossments.


 As well as having a high-quality, elegant and fine appearance, this extra special product is also competitively priced. Contact us for more information.